Scavage WebService stuff

Download Scavage's API developer's manual (spanish, revision 2.02.044). Also, you may want to inspect the web service definition file (WSDL) for Scavage Trade: ScavageTrade.wsdl. Please refer to your customer's access key to test the WebService; we don't have any free access key, so don't ask us about key's issues.

You can contact us for free to answer any related topic about Scavage's API: Please remember, we don't like to answer questions that are explained largely in the developers's manual (so read it!).

We'll upload soon a few examples in PHP5, .Net and Visual Fox Pro 9. Come back again!

What is Scavage?

Scavage is a statistical search engine service built to access fast and accuracy all information and details about international trade data.

The word Scavage stands for inspect and inquiry, because our software is based on QuiXtor, our pattented technology to resolve complex queries about International Trade and Market Analysis.